Monday, December 28, 2009


Well, I'm not quite sure what you want to know, but here are the basics:

The name is Simone, but, everyone just calls me Sim. My birthday is February 14, 19** (Guess~! I like to see how old people think I am ;D). Aquarius. Yeah, I went there ;3

I'm in *high school* (that's your clue), Eastcoast USA and I've found the answer to life: Peace. Love. And Seakittens.

I draw, I'm hyper, random, insane, addicted to manga/texting/"xD". My two main obsessions are Pandas, Cupcakes (well, actually it's just sweets in general, but cupcakes are so cute >w<) I'm deathly afraid of aliens, but I'm still intrigued by *ROSWELL, NM*. and Storm, If you're reading this, 9-11 *was* an inside job >:O

I can typically be found glued to my laptop/sketchpad, "stalking" Storm, avoiding Gavin by sitting in the back of my history class and taking notes at hyper-speed, doing something geeky... like making layouts xD (it took me forever to finish this layout... the graphics aren't mine, but I mixed/matched them.... SQWEE~~! I'm so happy I'm done x3), sleeping, singing in the shower, or bouncing off the walls again (matress-walls FTW xD)

I'll listen to almost any music (rap and country are the two kinds of music I'll flat out refuse to listen to)

If you wanna find me on GaiaOnline, I'm *BipOlarPanDaz* and my new account is *acidRAlN*